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“It means a lot to have the chance to say thanks”

Betina Vedsted cycled the first three kilometres of Team Rynkeby’s ride to Paris together with her son Jacob, who has been through a long and difficult treatment for cancer.

Prologue, Copenhagen: When 550 Team Rynkeby riders from Denmark and Norway departed from Copenhagen on their eight-day cycling trip to Paris this morning, they were accompanied for the first three kilometres by children and families associated with the Danish Childhood Cancer Foundation and Children’s Lung Foundation.

One of the riders on the first stretch was Betina Vedsted, who cycled the route from City Hall Square to Rigshospitalet together with her 14-year-old son Jacob.

Back in 2015, doctors found a 10 cm long and 4 cm wide tumour in one of Jacob’s arms, which was the beginning of a four-year-long treatment with two tough recurrences with new cancer in the cranium and leg, numerous chemotherapy rounds, radiation treatments, operations, treatments with strong pain medication and long rehabilitation programmes.

In November of last year, Jacob had his final chemo treatment for bone cancer, and as late as yesterday, his family received the joyful message that Jacob continues to be cancer-free.

”It’s simply amazing. We feel like we’ve been given three more months with him. He had an extremely rare form of cancer, and it’s fantastic to know that we’re going to have him with us for even longer,” says Betina Vedsted as the group neared Rigshospitalet.

It’s an honour
Which is why it was so important for Betina Vedsted to be part of the event today.


“It’s so impressive and wonderful to experience what the Team Rynkeby riders do first-hand. I don’t think words can describe how grateful we are,” she says.

“It’s an honour to ride along with them and give a little something back for everything the Childhood Cancer Foundation has done for us. The riders and service volunteers need to know how much our family appreciates it. They are one of the reasons that the research is supported, and why we have had access to different services as a family. That’s something that I need to say thanks for,” says Betina Vedsted.

Making good progress
Jacob is currently making good progress.

Right now, the doctors are focusing on gaining an overview of the late effects he’s had as a result of treatment, so he can get the proper help.

With fewer visits to the hospital, the family has more time together and can spend time on positive experiences – including more travel.

“Now we can just be together as a family and enjoy ourselves. I’ve learned that you shouldn’t postpone living, because you never know what the future might bring,” says Betina Vedsted.

This year Team Rynkeby consists of 2,000 cyclists and 500 volunteers on 54 teams from 7 countries. The ride is 1,300 kilometres long, and most teams spend 8 days making the trip. All teams will arrive together in Paris on Saturday, 6 July 2019.

You can follow the entire trip LIVE here: www.team-rynkeby.com/LIVE2019.

This story was translated from Danish to English by AdHoc Translations.

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