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Jette and her team slave from morning till night – with an amazing sense of community

Jette Kaastrup Christensen has been part of Team Rynkeby Ringe’s service team for eight years now. And even though she slaves from morning till night, she can’t imagine summer without the Tour de Paris.

Stage 2, Bremen: When the first riders from Team Rynkeby Ringe arrive in front of the team’s hotel in Bremen just past 6 in the morning, Jette Kaastrup Christensen and her service team have already been up and at it for a while.

Jette is service manager for Team Rynkeby Ringe, and for eight years she’s spent a week of her annual holidays with the charity cycling team to ensure that the riders don’t have to worry about anything other than pedalling.

This year, the entire Team Rynkeby project has more than 500 service volunteers on the trip to Paris – people who, just like Jette, spend a week of their holidays slaving from morning till night, and also paying their own way.

“My friends often ask what compels me to spend a week’s holiday and my own money working hard for an entire week. But it’s an incredible trip, and we have an amazing service team with a wonderful sense of community,” says Jette Kaastrup Christensen.

“I’m a bit like an old circus horse that feels the pull when it smells the sawdust. Once you’ve been part of it, you just have to do it again,” she continues.

400 meals
On Team Rynkeby Ringe, all helpers have clearly defined tasks. There are mechanics, pathfinder vehicles, a lorry driver, motorcycle marshals and a team that handles catering services.

“We’re divided into two groups, so one group takes the morning catering and the afternoon catering, while the other team handles lunches. This allows us to provide catering services for the riders every 50 kilometres,” says Jette Kaastrup Christensen.

And it’s not small amounts that are consumed by the 44 Team Rynkeby Ringe riders during a trip to Paris. Over the eight days, they eat more than 500 buns with Nutella, cheese and salami, drink more than 2,000 litres of water and enjoy around 400 meals that the service team has prepared in advance.

This time around, the menu includes pulled pork burgers with bean salad.

“It’s important for me that everything goes off without a hitch. We really want to provide the best possible service, and I find that the riders really appreciate our efforts,” she says.

An amazing community
Although Jette and the rest of the team work hard all week long, she can’t imagine a summer without Team Rynkeby.

“Every year when I get home, I’m just so tired, and I think that this is the last time – I’ll never do it again. And then a week passes and I’m ready to do it all over again. Because of course I’ll go again,” she says and smiles.

“This is an amazing community.”

If you are interested in being part of Team Rynkeby’s service team or becoming a rider for Team Rynkeby, you can submit an application here.




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