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Mur de Huy awaits tomorrow – find out when teams are expected to pass

A tense atmosphere has begun to spread among the riders now checked in at the large NH Hotel in Maastricht. Tomorrow, the Mur de Huy awaits.

Stage 4, Maastricht: No fewer than eight Team Rynkeby teams from three different countries are in the process of checking in at the huge conference NH Hotel on the outskirts of Maastricht.

Although many of the teams have completed over 200 km in today’s fourth stage, it is the 1,300 metre-long hill, more than 60 km to the southwest, awaiting them in the morning that is the subject of most of the talk among the tired riders.

Mur de Huy has an alluring effect on the Team Rynkeby riders, and for many of them the 128 metre-high hill is a demanding challenge.

The “wall”, which is most famous for being the decisive trial of the spring classic La Flèche Wallonne, has a total gradient of 9.8. But it is especially the last 800 metres from Place St. Denis that will be taking it out of Team Rynkeby riders.

Here the average gradient is around 13% – and about halfway from Place St. Denis it reaches the maximum gradient of an impressive 26%!

Steady on
However, Team Rynkeby Østsjælland’s experienced team captain, Christian Krause, is calling for moderation.

“The hill comprises less than one percent of the total trip to Paris, so be careful not to make it a bigger thing than it is. I hear about riders who start talking about the fact that they are going to use different gearing, but steady on – you can easily go up Mur de Huy without changing anything about the bike,” says Christian Krause.

The team captain encourages Team Rynkeby riders to consider what they want out of the Mur de Huy tomorrow.

“Will you cycle up without setting your foot down? Or will you ride up as fast as possible? If you want to drive fast, it is your fitness that determines, and then you just have to try to hold out that the heart and lungs are coming out of the throat. But if you have any doubts about whether you can make it up, the goal may be to drive up completely without putting your foot down, says Christian Krause and continues:

“Mur de Huy starts out relatively gently, and many riders make the mistake of going too fast at first, and then they jump off halfway. They have to run slowly, and if you want to get up and stand in the pedals, it shouldn't be to accelerate, but to let body weight push the bike forward – it's simply the best advice, he says.

Find out here when the teams are expected to arrive at Mur de Huy:

Helsinki: 08:40 AM
Bornholm: 09:00 AM
Rigshospitalet: 09:00 AM
Storstrøm 09:00 AM
København: 09:15 AM
Odense: 09:15 AM
Kalmar: 09:15 AM
Østjylland: 09:30 AM
Nordjylland: 09:30 AM
Nordsjælland: 09:30 AM
Trekanten: 09:30 AM
Vestsjælland: 09:45 AM
Skaraborg: 10:00 AM
Stockholm 10.15 AM
Vestjylland: 10:30 AM
Rogaland: 10:30 AM
Østfold: 10:30 AM
Nord-Norge: 10:45 AM
Østsjælland: 10:45 AM
Øresund: 10:45 AM
Dalarna: 10:50 AM
Midt-Vest: 11:00 AM
Jönköping: 11:00 AM
Bergen: 11:00 AM
Sjuhärad: 11:15 AM
Holbæk: 11:30 AM
Føroyar: 11:30 AM
Göteborg: 12:30 PM
Silkeborg: 13:00 PM

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