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New record: €8.84 million towards the fight against childhood cancer

Team Rynkeby's fund-raising activities in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Faroe Islands have resulted in a donation of no less than €8.84 million towards the fight against childhood cancer.

Twelve months of work for a good cause came to a conclusion this weekend when Team Rynkeby's Danish participants presented the year's proceeds to the Children's Cancer Foundation in Denmark.

With the presentation, Team Rynkeby Foundation could finally tally up the charity cycling team's efforts in the fight against childhood cancer.

And this year, they needed the biggest pocket calculator they could find.

The 1,500 riders and 400 volunteers from the Faroe Islands, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark who participated in Team Rynkeby in 2016 have together raised no less than €8,840,002 towards the fight against childhood cancer.

That's an entire 37 percent more than last year.

"It is absolutely fantastic. "The participants have made an incredible contribution to children's cancer organisations in each country. "Many, many hours were spent by each team acquiring sponsors and arranging events – and the teams naturally feel immense satisfaction at their efforts resulting in a new record donation. "The participants can be proud of their contribution in every way," says Carl Erik Dalbøge, director of Team Rynkeby Foundation.

High commitment level continues
But some of the Team Rynkeby participants won't have much time to rest on their laurels, explains Carl Erik Dalbøge.

"About 40 percent of this year's participants will also be cycling next year, and for them, the season has more or less started up again. "Many of the teams are already well under way acquiring sponsors for next year, and the first events have actually already been held in Sweden. "Once again this year, Team Rynkeby boasts a very, very high level of commitment among the participants," concludes Carl Erik Dalbøge.

44 teams in six countries
In 2017, Team Rynkeby will include more than 1,700 cyclists and 450 volunteers, divided into 44 teams in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Faroe Islands and Iceland.

One of the year's biggest events will be the 'Team Rynkeby School Run' held at schools in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland on 7 April 2017. In the event, thousands of schoolchildren will run in support of children with critical illnesses.

Team Rynkeby will be cycling to Paris from 8 - 15 July 2017.

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