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Record number of Team Rynkeby cyclists start the tour in Copenhagen

550 cyclists from 12 different teams departed as a group in Copenhagen today as Team Rynkeby began its 18th Tour de Paris.

Prologue, Copenhagen: It wasn’t just the sun that brightened City Hall Square in Copenhagen in Copenhagen this morning.

No fewer than 550 yellow-clad Team Rynkeby cyclists from Denmark and Norway had assembled in the Danish capital on their shiny racers.

Today, the charity cycling team kicked off its 18th trip to Paris to benefit children with critical illnesses.

A total of four Danish and eight Norwegian Team Rynkeby teams departed from City Hall Square to form the biggest collective start in Team Rynkeby’s history.

And it was an excited Team Rynkeby director who donned his cycling shoes just 30 minutes prior to departure:

“What you see here is the real Team Rynkeby. You can feel the spirit and anticipation and see all the big smiles. The cyclists were really raring to go. This is what they’ve been looking forward to for so long. And when the weather is as great as it is today, everything goes more smoothly,” says Carl Erik Dalbøge, director of the Team Rynkeby Foundation.

It’s going to be hot
And the weather was on everyone’s lips on City Hall Square this morning.

Right now, Europe is experiencing a heat wave, and there is no doubt that it will affect the 2,000 Team Rynkeby cyclists on 54 teams when they make their way further south in the days to come.


”It’s going to be hot. But heat is preferable to rain, and the teams have taken precautions and will provide instructions on drinking enough water along the way to avoid any issues,” says Carl Erik Dalbøge, who is himself riding with different teams every day.

“I’ll be riding with seven different teams, so it’s going to be interesting getting around and experiencing the atmosphere from team to team,” he explains.

Kids first
The teams departed from City Hall Square with just a few minutes’ delay around 9:30.

In front were children and families associated with the Danish Childhood Cancer Foundation and Children’s Lung Foundation, for which Danish Team Rynkeby teams have raised funds over the course of the year.

And they were followed by the long, yellow snake composed of the other teams.

The assembled group set off at a comfortable pace towards Rigshospitalet, where they were joined by yet another Team Rynkeby team.

Team Rynkeby’s 18th trip to Paris is now underway. You can follow the entire trip LIVE here: www.team-rynkeby.com/LIVE2019.





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