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3-year old Laura accepted cheque from Team Rynkeby: Now, doctors have extinct all hope

Lasse Piester-Stolpe held a moving speech when Team Rynkeby Danmark handed over the funds it had collected to the Danish Children's Cancer Foundation a month ago. Now, doctors have abandoned all hope for his daughter.

When Team Rynkeby’s Danish team handed over a cheque of around DKK 22 million to the Danish Children's Cancer Foundation in September, Lasse Piester-Stolpe held a moving speech where he thanked the participants of Team Rynkeby for their untiring work for children with cancer.

Six months ago, Lasse and his wife, Maiken Piester-Stolpe, received the devastating news that their 2-year-old daughter, Laura, has a very aggressive tumour in her brain.

Experimental treatment at Copenhagen University Hospital financed in part by the money collected via Team Rynkeby gave the parents hope.

However, this hope has now been extinguished, Lasse Piester-Stolpe writes on Facebook.

– Bad news, unfortunately! Last Tuesday, Maiken and I were called to Copenhagen University Hospital where our doctor told us that the tumour has started growing again, which means that the drugs do not work and that we therefore have been taken out of the experiment.

The parents have taken leave of absence effective immediately to be together with Laura and the palliative doctors, who will ensure that Laura’s final days are as good as possible.

– We no longer count our time with Laura in weeks, so Laura will not live to see her 4th birthday in July next year, writes Lasse Piester-Stolpe.

– We are utterly devastated. Laura is feeling really bad and her condition is deteriorating quickly. Right now, we are trying to improve her situation with a drainage tube in her head to remove fluid build-up and she is expected to undergo a new round of radiation therapy to improve her condition in what time she has left, he continues.

‘No children should die of cancer’
At the Team Rynkeby Foundation, CEO Carl Erik Dalbøge is deeply moved by the Facebook update.– It’s heard-wrenching to read. All of us who were present at the ceremony a month ago and heard Lasse’s words feel the family’s pain. It is a dreadful reminder that despite extensive progress in the treatment of children with cancer, we are far from reaching our goal. No children should die of cancer and, on behalf of the Team Rynkeby Foundation, I would like to express my deepest sympathy with Laura’s family in this difficult time, says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

He hopes that the Team Rynkeby participants will use the news as extra motivation to make a difference for families in the same situation.

– Make no mistake. We need money if we are to save more children with very severe tumours. Most of the money is collected via Team Rynkeby. I hope that the Team Rynkeby participants will show Laura’s family respect by making an extra effort to collect another large sum of money for the Danish Children's Cancer Foundation in the coming year, says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

If you want to support Team Rynkeby’s work for children with cancer, you can become a gold sponsor until 18 January 2019 for € 2,500.

When you are a gold sponsor, you get your company logo on Team Rynkeby’s yellow cycling apparel.

Photo: Vibeke Volder – the photo of Laura and her family has kindly been provided by Fyens Stiftstidende. See more pictures from Team Rynkeby’s cheque presentation ceremony and read Lasse Piester-Stolpe’s moving speech here.

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