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Charity beer exceeds the wildest expectations of the initiators

In collaboration with Team Rynkeby, the Danish microbrewery has developed a new beer series that is sold for the benefit of Team Rynkeby's collection to the Danish Childhood Cancer Foundation. Sales exceed all expectations.

Cycling, community and a good cause - with good taste.

This is the focal point of a new beer series that the Danish microbrewery Fur Bryghus will put into production during the spring. The series has been developed in close collaboration with participants at Team Rynkeby Vestjylland and is sold for a limited period for the benefit of the charity cycling team's collection to the Childhood Cancer Foundation.

It is only a few weeks ago that orders were opened, but already now the sale exceeds the expectations of the initiators from West Jutland.

- We might have hoped to be able to sell a few thousand gift boxes to friends, families and sponsors. But the initiative has subsequently spread to nine other Danish Team Rynkeby teams, and it has accelerated sales, says Jacob Michelsen, who together with teammates Bjørn Jensen and Jeanett Ibsgaard got the idea to make a special Team Rynkeby beer series.- We wanted to create something that was unique. It was supposed to be something that could not  be found anywhere else. And it was important to us that it should be something that was elegant and delicious - and at the same time the series should also contain the story of Team Rynkeby's focus on cycling, community and fundraising for a good cause, he says.

The Story in three beers
Together with Fur Bryghus, the three Team Rynkeby participants have developed the beer series ‘HÅB’ [‘Hope’, ed.], which consists of three beers, each of which tells a small part of Team Rynkeby's story.

- There is ‘Huy’ (Mur de Huy, ed.), Which all ‘rynkers’ [Team Rynkeby participants] know. It is a tough hill in Belgium halfway on the trip to Paris, which in addition to being a physical challenge is also a day of celebration where hundreds of yellow-clad riders cross each other and feel the unique community across teams and countries, says Jacob Michelsen.

‘Huy’ is a Belgian blonde beer with a golden blonde color and white foam. The second beer in the series is called ‘Håbet’ [‘The Hope’] and is an under-fermented beer of the lager type, while the last beer in the series is called ‘Bagsmæk’ [‘Trunk’], and is a bock beer with an alcohol percentage of 7.6.

- The ‘trunk’ is an important part of the community at Team Rynkeby - this is where the participants gather after a long day on the bike to have fun and tell tall tales, he says

Buy before February 15th
The three beers cost DKK 125 and can be ordered up to and including 15 February 2021 by contacting a local Team Rynkeby participant. See the contact information here.

The entire profit from the sale goes to Team Rynkeby's collection for the Childhood Cancer Foundation, and after the terrific start, Jacob Michelsen and the other ‘rynkers’ hope that the collaboration with Fur Bryghus can help make a difference.

- We hope that we can generate a lot of visibility about the collection for the Childhood Cancer Foundation - and then of course give a good profit to the Childhood Cancer Foundation. At least it's beer that leaves one with a good taste in the mouth, he says.

The label on the three beers was designed by Julia Christensen, who is a student at Kolding Design School.

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