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Great atmosphere when Team Rynkeby conquered Mur de Huy – see the pictures here

Team Rynkeby painted Mur de Huy yellow as 29 out of 48 teams crossed the almost mythical hill in Belgium earlier today. See the pictures here.

Stage 5, Mur de Huy: An atmosphere of cohesion and community quickly spread among the 29 Team Rynkeby teams that pitted their strengths against Mur de Huy in Belgium earlier today.

When a team had come up the 1,300 metres of the hill, which rises 26 percent at the steepest point, a majority of the riders stood along the roadside and cheered the riders from the next team up.

“It’s on Mur de Huy that many of the participants feel that they are part of something bigger,” says Carl Erik Dalbøge, director of Team Rynkeby Foundation.

“The atmosphere on the Mur de Huy is something very special. For many of the riders it’s the first time that they discover that they have a great many teammates in other cities and countries, and that they are part of something bigger. A sense of community spreads between the teams. It’s great to be part of it,” says Carl Erik Dalbøge, who is currently on his way to Paris with Team Rynkeby Ringe.

Relatives galore
In addition to the strong support from teammates on the last section of the hill, a number of relatives also made the journey to Huy to cheer for friends and family in the Team Rynkeby field.

“We expect a great many relatives in Paris on Saturday when the trip ends. And many of them have made it a tradition to stop at Mur de Huy two days beforehand to soak up some of the atmosphere. This is a tradition that we very much appreciate,” says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

Today, 29 out of the total of 48 Team Rynkeby teams cycled over Mur de Huy. In addition, about 10 teams completed the fourth stage yesterday.

“We’ve had to send some teams in advance in order to find suitable hotels for the last days before Paris. At the same time, there are also teams that have chosen to take other routes – they’ll all probably get plenty of elevation,” smiles Carl Erik Dalbøge.

All 48 teams arrive in Paris on Saturday 7 July 2018.

Below you can see some of the pictures taken by photographer Tobias Guldstrand at today’s stage on Mur de Huy.





















































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