Team Rynkeby säätiö peruuttaa kaikki joukkueiden toiminnot kahdeksi viikoksi

TR Press FI - 13-03-2020

Team Rynkeby säätiö peruuttaa kaikki joukkueiden toiminnot kahdeksi viikoksi

Team Rynkeby Foundation pyytää kaikkia 57 joukkuetta (kaikissa maissa) peruuttamaan tai lykkäämään toistaiseksi kaikki sisäiset ja ulkoiset tapahtumat, mukaan lukien yhteiset harjoitukset ja tapahtumat sekä varainkeräystapahtumat, perjantaista 13. maaliskuuta sunnuntaihin 29. maaliskuuta 2020 saakka. Tämä pyyntö tehdään koronaviruksen leviämisen viivyttämiseksi ja vähentämiseksi.

On Wednesday night, the Danish Government decided to close down the majority of the public sector for two weeks – so far. This initiative was taken to delay and reduce the spreading of the coronavirus covid-19.

The initiative means that all Danish day-care centres, schools and educational institutions will close down by Friday this week and two weeks ahead. At the same time, all public employees who are not involved in critical functions, will be sent home. All employees in the private sector are requested to work from their homes.

Team Rynkeby Foundation has decided to comply with the requests issued by the Danish Government across all the countries in which the charity cycling team operates. This explains why Team Rynkeby Foundation is now cancelling or postponing, until further notice, all internal and external activities – including joint training sessions, joint events and collection activities – in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, The Faeroe Islands, Iceland, Germany and Switzerland from Friday, March 13 up to and including Sunday, March 29.

- We must stick together by keeping a distance in the weeks to come. This is how we can contribute best to reducing and delaying the spreading of covid-19. Team Rynkeby Foundation is following the developments and recommendations of the local health authorities and request all our teams to close down all their activities, says Carl Erik Dalbøge, CEO of Team Rynkeby Foundation.

Team Rynkeby Foundation will not launch any activities before the Board of Directors of the Foundation has issued a formal go-ahead to all countries.

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