Team Rynkeby is honoured with a place in LEGOLAND

20 years of working on behalf of children with critical illnesses hasn’t gone unnoticed. That’s why Team Rynkeby has earned a very special place in the heart of LEGOLAND.

wo teams of yellow-clad charity cyclists, followed by a support car. It’s a familiar scene on the Danish roads these days, as Team Rynkeby has changed its annual trip to Paris to a trip around Denmark as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

And the scene has also made its way to LEGOLAND, where a Team Rynkeby team has been built out of LEGO bricks and placed in Miniland in LEGOLAND – one of the most celebrated attractions in the amusement park, where you can also see famous buildings, cities, towns – and now, Team Rynkeby.

Team Rynkeby has earned a place in LEGOLAND for the charity cycling team’s 20th anniversary, explains Christian Woller, director of LEGOLAND Billund.

“We want to acknowledge the impressive work that Team Rynkeby does for children with critical illnesses and their families through this placement in the heart of LEGOLAND. Many of the children and families that Team Rynkeby supports through its work for BØRNECANCERFONDEN (Danish Childhood Cancer Foundation) and Børnelungefonden come to LEGOLAND as part of our own activities, so we feel that this little tribute is entirely fitting,” says Christian Woller.

The team is portrayed at Schackenborg Castle and Energien in Denmark

The Team Rynkeby team is portrayed at LEGOLAND in the form of two teams of eight cyclists, followed by a white support car. The team can be seen in front of the iconic Schackenborg Castle and Energien in Denmark.

“This is at the heart of what LEGO bricks can do. Even though Team Rynkeby can’t ride to Paris this year, in the world of the imagination, the team members are still cycling their way through Europe towards Paris. We hope that our guests will enjoy our little tribute to Team Rynkeby by placing the team in Miniland,” says Christian Woller.

A big honour for Team Rynkeby
Team Rynkeby members from across Europe had the chance to see the tribute today when Team Rynkeby Europa began its seven-day-long trip in Denmark from LEGOLAND.

“It’s a huge honour for the project to be given a place at LEGOLAND. I see it as an amazing acknowledgement of the work that thousands of volunteer participants have done for kids with critical illnesses over the past 20 years. And naturally I also see it as a big acknowledgement of Team Rynkeby as a charity organisation,” says Jesper Bjerg, Country Manager for Team Rynkeby Denmark.

Team Rynkeby's donations

Team Rynkeby was founded in 2002, and through the years has raised nearly half a billion Danish kroner for children with critical illnesses, primarily childhood cancer.

Team Rynkeby Denmark: EUR 3,188,183 to Børnecancerfonden (The Childhood Cancer Foundation) and Børnelungefonden (Danish Paediatric Pulmonary Service).Team Rynkeby Germany: EUR 273,614 to Deutsche Kinderkrebsstiftung (German Children Cancer Foundation).Team Rynkeby Faroe Islands: EUR 151,963 to Krabbameinsfelagið (the Cancer Society).Team Rynkeby Finland: EUR 942,584 to Sylva Ry and Aamu Säätiö.Team Rynkeby Sweden: EUR 3,446,372 to Barnecancerfonden (the Childhood Cancer Foundation) and Barnhjärnfonden (the Childhood Brain Foundation).
Team Rynkeby Norway: EUR 1,435,967 to Barnekreftforeningen (the Childhood Cancer Association).
Team Rynkeby Island: EUR 186,746 to Styrktarfélag Krabbameinssjúkra Barna (SKB). (Sponsorship Association for Children With Cancer).
Team Rynkeby Switzerland: EUR 71,377 to Stiftung Kinderkrebsforschung Schweiz. (Swiss Children’s Cancer Research Foundation).
Team Rynkeby Europe: EUR 44,872 to Børnecancerfonden (the Childhood Cancer Foundation, Denmark), Deutsche Kinderkrebsstiftung (German Children Cancer Foundation), Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Hospital (Spain), Association pour Emma (France), Mamu Unija (Lithuania) and Gyermekrák Alapítvany (Hungary).