First Finnish and Faroese Members in Hall of Fame

Every year special participants of Team Rynkeby are evaluated and only a few get the honour of becoming members of the Team Rynkeby Hall of Fame. This year we welcome three new members into the Hall of Fame, whom all have contributed to shaping Team Rynkeby into what it is today.

The Team Rynkeby Hall of Fame pays tribute to people who, over several years, have made an extraordinary effort for Team Rynkeby and the collection for children with critical illnesses. They are all passionate about their work for Team Rynkeby and have left their mark on the project and helped shape the culture that characterizes Team Rynkeby today.
Below you can read about the three new Hall of Fame members. From Finland, we welcome Otso Laxenius and Pekka Ajanto and from the Faroe Islands, we welcome Aksel Haraldsen.

Otso Laxenius 

Otso started his Team Rynkeby journey on the Team Rynkeby Espoo service team. With his passion for the project and caring and supportive attitude, everybody in the team learned to trust and love him. He is always supporting everybody in the team. Otso has now participated on Team Rynkeby seven times.

Otso took Team Rynkeby Espoo’s social media activities to a whole new level. He has furthermore continued to develop the marketing and social media presence for the whole Team Rynkeby Finland. During the covid years, his podcasts and social media activity continued to bring joy and happiness to all participants and increased the project’s visibility and state of mind with the audience in Finland.  

Season 22/23 has been very significant in his work, with attracting media to the project, from the main TV channel MTV3 to several articles in various newspapers and magazines. His attitude and perseverance have motivated the whole team to overcome any obstacles on the road towards supporting children with critical illnesses and always supporting and encouraging one another.

Pekka Ajanto 

Pekka has had a key role in bringing Team Rynkeby to Finland. He was one of the six Finns, who rode with the Swedish Team, Team Rynkeby Täby, in 2012 and played a key role in bringing Team Rynkeby to Finland. As an entrepreneur, his own company, Johdin Oy, was one of the first sponsors of the project in Finland and remained one of the key sponsors over the years. 

Pekka has been sharing his amazing stories about the project and has been one of the main recruiters for the project through his extensive network. He has continued to provide the project with annual checks for the donation Gala, just to mention a few of the activities he has continued doing, to support Team Rynkeby Finland over the whole lifetime of the project.

Pekka is a real Team Rynkeby Man in Finland and has participated four times on the trip to Paris. He continues his work in Team Rynkeby Cycling Club, where he is an active participant.

Aksel Haraldsen

Aksel Haraldsen was one of the initiators of Team Rynkeby Faroe Islands. In 2013, Aksel cycled with Team Rynkeby Ringe to get to know the project. The following year, the Faroese team was established. Aksel himself has biked to Paris five times. Aksel is a member of the country group and has contributed significantly to the development of Team Rynkeby, making sure the project is known throughout the country.

Annually, an impressive amount is collected in relation to the population of the Faroe Islands, and the interest in participating in the team continues to rise. A project will only be successful if someone masters the details and takes responsibility for the organization – It is clear Aksel has taken the lead and with his calm personality and infectious mood he has been worth his weight in gold for Team Rynkeby and Team Rynkeby Faroe Islands. Aksel's skills have also been used in other parts of Team Rynkeby, where he has participated in international collaboration and strategy.