Team Rynkeby nominates three new members of the Hall of Fame

Team Rynkeby has welcomed three new members to its Hall of Fame. The three new members have each made an extraordinary contribution to the charity project for many years.

Jan Aronson (Team Rynkeby - Good Morning Täby), Tobias Guldstrand (Team Rynkeby - Good Morning Sjuhärad) and Anny Overgaard (Team Rynkeby Midt-Vest) are now inaugurated into Team Rynkeby's Hall of Fame.

The three Team Rynkeby enthusiasts have earned a spot in Team Rynkeby's Hall of Fame because each of them has made an extraordinary, voluntary contribution to the charity project for many years.

- Jan Aronson has since 2014 taken the lead in Team Rynkeby - Good Morning Täby and exemplified how to make a team flourish. Jan has also been an important part of the development of the Swedish sales strategy, where he with his professional competencies and structure has helped in creating notable results. He has proved to be a dedicated Team Rynkeby rider and a true ambassador for the entire project, Jørgen H.K. Jepsen, General Manager at the Team Rynkeby Foundation, says.

- Tobias Guldstrand has been part of the charity project for seven years, where he for many years has functioned as the team captain. Throughout the years, Tobias has also functioned as project manager and contributed to improving the project by developing digital tools with the aim of increasing the fundraising results. Tobias' efforts have been invaluable for the project, and he has really helped in expanding the project locally as well as nationally. Among other things, he has created a fantastic Christmas tradition where he dresses up as Santa Claus to spread joy for children and adults - and to raise money for the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund (Barncancerfonden). Throughout the years, this initiative has raised a great amount of money for children with cancer, Jørgen H.K. Jepsen says.

Jan Aronson and Tobias Guldstrand will be the first participants outside Denmark to be inaugurated into Team Rynkeby’s Hall of Fame.

Left distinct marks
In addition to the two Swedes, Anny Overgaard from Team Rynkeby Midt-Vest will also join the Hall of Fame after 10 years in the yellow jersey.

- Anny Overgaard is passionate about the charity project, and she for sure has the yellow heart in the right place. For 10 years, Anny has been one of the driving forces behind Team Rynkeby Midt-Vest, and she has done her best to promote the project and the team. In addition, she is always ready to give the new Team Rynkeby participants a good reception, and she is always helping with the coordination of the annual events. Finally, she is also an active part of generating sponsorships and money for the project, Jørgen H.K. Jepsen says and elaborates:

- These are three passionate people who through their active work for Team Rynkeby have contributed with an extraordinary effort and in their own way left a distinct mark on the charity project. In the Team Rynkeby Foundation, we are grateful for their efforts through the years, and they have certainly earned a spot in our Hall of Fame, he says.

Jan Aronson, Tobias Guldstand and Anny Overgaard will be the 13th, 14th and 15th member of Team Rynkeby's Hall of Fame.

The other members of the Hall of Fame are:

Knud Vilstrup (Team Rynkeby Ringe 2002-2006)

Ole Jespersen (Team Rynkeby Ringe 2002, 2005-2006 and 2008-2016)

Kurt Jørgensen (Team Rynkeby Ringe 2002-2011 and 2017)

Laurits Tørnæs (Team Rynkeby Ringe 2005, 2007-2013 and 2016)

Steen Østergaard (Team Rynkeby Odense 2008-2021)

Christian Krause (Team Rynkeby Østsjælland (formerly Team Rynkeby Vordingborg) 2009-2021)

Kjeld Hansen (Team Rynkeby Copenhagen 2009-2018)

Anni Kirk (Team Rynkeby Ringe and Team Rynkeby Trekanten 2008-2017)

Thomas Weilgaard Bak (Team Rynkeby Ringe 2004-2009, 2011-2013 and 2017)

Arne Jørgensen (Team Rynkeby Ringe and Team Rynkeby Silkeborg 2006, 2008-2012 and 2014-2021)

Kenneth Johansen (Team Rynkeby Copenhagen, 2010-2021)

Christian Kjær Christensen (Team Rynkeby Odense, 2010-2021)