Team Rynkeby raises 9.74 million euros for children with critical illnesses

This year’s charity cycling event collected 9.74 million euros for children with critical illnesses. It exceeds last year's collection result by as much as 11 percent.

Despite a year marked by the continued grip of the corona pandemic in Europe, the charity cycling team Team Rynkeby reached a remarkable fundraising result.

2,057 cyclists and 457 volunteer helpers spread over 59 local teams across Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Germany, and Switzerland have together raised 9,741,678 euros. That is 11 percent increase from last year, and the second highest yearly amount Team Rynkeby has ever raised in its 20 years history.

- The corona pandemic meant that we could not take the trip to Paris this year. Instead, we completed very successful national tours in our participating countries, and we were warmly welcomed everywhere. This year’s collection result proves that this was the right decision, and that Team Rynkeby does not succeed or fail on whether we reach Paris, Jørgen H. K. Jepsen, director of the Team Rynkeby Foundation, says and concludes:

- This testifies to the fact that Team Rynkeby is a strong, relevant and vital charity project, even though we now have more than 20 years in the saddle, and we are very much looking forward to going to Paris next year.

Team Rynkeby will now be donating the funds raised to the organizations that the Team Rynkeby Foundation collaborates with in the eight participating countries. The majority of the money is earmarked to fund research projects within childhood cancer.

Strong efforts under difficult conditions
According to Jørgen H.K. Jepsen, the impressive fundraising result is first and foremost due to the participants' commitment and the sponsors' faith in the project.

- The result is very much a result of all the fantastic enthusiasts who make up our many teams in eight countries. Even with the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, our participants have used their indomitability and creativity to raise money in new ways. It is very touching, Jørgen H.K. Jepsen says and continues:

- We also send a big and humble thank you to our many fantastic sponsors. When we had to cancel the trip to Paris last summer, we offered our sponsors to join again this season without charge. But an impressive number have insisted to pay, and these numerous companies have a large share in the great result, he says.

Plans to grow
At the same time as Team Rynkeby presents this year's result, the charity cycling teams are embarking on a new season. The project is now extended to include Belgium, where a new team from Brussels will start.

As many as 2,087 riders from 65 teams from nine countries put the yellow jersey on next year with the aim of creating another great fundraising result. Director Jørgen H.K. Jepsen has high hopes for the charity project.

- We are now embarking on another exciting season, where we welcome more teams in several countries. We have a plan to become an even bigger European project and help even more critical ill children and their families, Jørgen H. K. Jepsen says.

For 20 years, Team Rynkeby has collected just over 75.4 million euros for children with critical illnesses.

Team Rynkeby's donations

Team Rynkeby Denmark: EUR 3,188,183 to Børnecancerfonden (The Childhood Cancer Foundation) and Børnelungefonden (Danish Paediatric Pulmonary Service).Team Rynkeby Germany: EUR 273,614 to Deutsche Kinderkrebsstiftung (German Children Cancer Foundation).Team Rynkeby Faroe Islands: EUR 151,963 to Krabbameinsfelagið (the Cancer Society).Team Rynkeby Finland: EUR 942,584 to Sylva Ry and Aamu Säätiö.Team Rynkeby Sweden: EUR 3,446,372 to Barnecancerfonden (the Childhood Cancer Foundation) and Barnhjärnfonden (the Childhood Brain Foundation).
Team Rynkeby Norway: EUR 1,435,967 to Barnekreftforeningen (the Childhood Cancer Association).
Team Rynkeby Island: EUR 186,746 to Styrktarfélag Krabbameinssjúkra Barna (SKB). (Sponsorship Association for Children With Cancer).
Team Rynkeby Switzerland: EUR 71,377 to Stiftung Kinderkrebsforschung Schweiz. (Swiss Children’s Cancer Research Foundation).
Team Rynkeby Europe: EUR 44,872 to Børnecancerfonden (the Childhood Cancer Foundation, Denmark), Deutsche Kinderkrebsstiftung (German Children Cancer Foundation), Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Hospital (Spain), Association pour Emma (France), Mamu Unija (Lithuania) and Gyermekrák Alapítvany (Hungary).